Wired For Sound (and Vision)

I know a lot of people want to use Foundry's built in support for A/V. I also know a lot of people struggle to make it work. I'm not going to go into the reasons why it's perhaps complex to use, that would be a fairly technical post, but what I'm going to suggest is that people consider using the Foundry Jitsi Module instead.

Getting it working on a site which supports TLS (all Worldmill Mills do), is really simple.

Step 1

Access your mill and, if you haven't already, install the Jitsi Module. It's a standard module and you'll find it when you search through the list of Add On Modules. The full name is "Jitsi WebRTC Client".

Step 2

In your foundry world activate the Jitsi module. Nothing more required than clicking a check box.

Step 3

As gamemaster, use "Configure Settings" to enable Audio/Visual support. Also check to make sure that "Configure Players", then "Configure Permissions", has the checkboxes ticked so that players may broadcast audio and video.

Step 4

Each player must enable Audio/Visual support and make choice between "Always Enabled"/"Push To Talk"

That's it.


I had some trouble with my keyboard and push to talk. I don't know why - hardware. Anyway, my top tip is try a few different keys until you find one that works. I use my "F1" key, since I don't need it for anything else.

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