Rights and Responsibilities

When you signed up for Worldmill, you probably skimmed over our "Terms of Service" very quickly, or skipped reading them entirely. That's what I usually do when I sign up for things. A quick check to make sure I still retain some rights over my soul and I'm done. There is, however, some information in the Worldmill ToS, that we need to call to the attention of some of our users: the bit about applicable law and not infringing intellectual property rights.

Foundry VTT is a great product. One of the great things about it is that it's really easy to extend it by adding modules. Modules provide plug-in capabilities and make a great product even greater. However, there are modules, and I won't name them to avoid providing them with publicity, which don't make Foundry better, they make it worse. Let's call them "malware modules". Perhaps these modules aren't written with bad intentions, but they are used in a way, which is not supported or endorsed by Worldmill, to avoid copyright laws or infringe on intellectual property rights.

We've always made it clear in our ToS that using Worldmill in this way isn't supported. So far, we've not enforced this restriction but have relied on our users self-policing. Unfortunately, we can see that a small minority of users are using these "malware modules", probably innocently enough in the main. We are now giving notice that in future we will be taking technical steps to make it difficult to use such modules.

We strongly advise our users not to use "malware modules" and, if they are currently using them, to remove them. Not only is it often illegal to use such modules in most jurisdictions, it is our experience that use of such modules is a major contributor to mill failures and Foundry crashing (not just on Worldmill, but on your own machines as well). "Malware modules" tend to be neither well written, tested or (unsurprisingly) supported. In the last month, we found that the majority of crashed mills that we had to take manual action to recover were using such modules.

In future, when supporting our customers we shall check if a malfunctioning mill is using a "malware module". If it is, we will advise users to stop using the offending module. Further crashes will lead to reductions in support privileges and may cause us, regretfully, to terminate accounts as a final measure.

NB: We don't want to scare our many users who aren't using these modules. To put your minds at rest, be aware that you can't install such a module using the normal Foundry VTT module installation mechanism. You'll likely know that you are using a "malware module", since you'll have had to take special steps to install it and configure it for use. If in doubt, ask us in our support discord or email us.

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