One month of milling

We started the month as a brand new company hoping to provide a Foundry hosting service that a few users liked. None of us had started a company before, so it was exciting to see what people thought of our work.

We had some goals and they were probably not that ambitious: get to the end of the month, try not to lose too much money, make sure that we didn't lose any customer data, keep the site up and running smoothly. Roll out some new features, maybe.

I'm pleased to say that we've got through our first month and we do have customers and I think we achieved all our goals. I hope our customers are all happy with the service they are getting. If not, and you are a customer reading this, then I encourage you to go to our discord and let us know what you don't like so that we can see if we can improve things. Also, if you do like it, we'd like to know what you like and we'll try to do more of the things you like.

We have ideas for improvements, but sometimes what developers think are good ideas aren't what your users actually want. For example, neither Dan or I thought about how a user would know how much disk space they were using. (We were thinking about how cool it would be to detect when a user uploads content so that we could automatically restart Foundry to pick up the changes.) When one of our users asked that question, we thought about it a bit and then updated our UI to display disk consumption on the "Your Mills" page. A small improvement, but one which greatly improves usability for our customers.

So, do let us know about features you'd like. We can't do everything and our development time is limited, but we always do spend some time considering requests.

Here's to the next month of milling!

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