Origin Story

Origin Story

Welcome to the Worldmill blog.

Earlier this year, my regular gaming group were trying to decide how to respond to the Covid-19 restrictions stopping us meeting up. We've been running mid-week games since the early 90's, so it was a big step to think about going virtual. We looked at a few options and our GM eventually decided to put together his own solution based around Microsoft Teams and Spreadsheets (surprisingly effective, but I think that's largely because of his competence with such tools).

I had done some evaluation of VTT options and really liked Foundry. So much so, that I bought a license and then setup my home computer for hosting.

I did some stand-in games when our regular GM wasn't available and the general consensus of the participants was that it was a good option and we'd probably shift to using it in the future.

At the same time, I was helping people out on the Foundry Reddit forums who were trying to setup hosting, but were struggling due to limited or no skills in that area. I was helping people with configurations that would result in a good, economic hosting configuration, but at the same time realising that many people wanted more:

  • https secured traffic
  • better bandwidth than most domestic providers offer
  • automated backups
  • simplified upgrades when new versions of Foundry were released

That was where Worldmill was born: "I know there are good options for Foundry hosting already, but can I introduce another option that is European focussed and which uses a very advanced stack of technology to deliver value to users?"

My background is large-scale, system development. I'm mainly involved in Kubernetes hosted development in my main job. I figured that we could use Kubernetes to provide a dynamically scaling Foundry hosting environment.

I don't know much about writing user interfaces, so I partnered up with my son (who does). We then roped in a friend (for his artwork) and my wife (for her financial skills).

We would focus on providing solutions for:

  • power users
  • users with little time (or ability) to self provision
  • European based (alternative hosting providers are located in North America)

The result is https://worldmill.online

If you are looking for a hosting solution for Foundry VTT, take a look.

In future entries, we'll explain more about our technology stack and try to provide insights into our future development plans.

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