Hosting Foundry

Let's imagine that you have decided you don't have the infrastructure or technical skills at home to host foundry on your own equipment. In which case your options are:

  1. Use someone else's equipment and build a solution yourself OR
  2. Use a Foundry hosting provider

Do it yourself

This seems like a good option if you have the technical skills. You know about cloud hosting, you can configure and install systems and there's plenty of guides available on the internet. How hard can it be?

In this scenario: how cheap can you make it?

(I'm going to ignore the free offers that you can get from some vendors because they really are a very short term thing. At some point, they will start charging.)

If you are happy to do everything yourself you can get:

Virtual Machine + Disk + Network allowance $5.00/month (digital ocean)

Domain Name $1.00/month (that's an average, there's a lot of variation)

That's good. You are getting a fairly cheap service for your $6.00.

Of course when foundry upgrades you'll need to spend some time sorting that out. What happens when your foundry instance fails or won't start? Well, you can figure that out easily enough. Where should you store your backups? That's easy, you can just pay for some more storage...

If those kinds of questions start to bother you and you wonder why you are spending more time keeping foundry working than actually using it to play games, then option 2 might be worth investigating.

Use a Foundry Hosting Provider

There's plenty of choice. Each provider also offers different levels of service, so you'll need to do some reading to make a decision.

I'll just tell you what you get at Worldmill.

We charge $7.99 for our cheapest offering. That's $1.99 extra/month compared to do it yourself hosting. What does that get you?

  1. We'll do all the hosting setup and maintenance work for you.
  2. We'll make sure updates are maintained.
  3. We'll configure your foundry instances so that they restart automatically.
  4. We'll let you backup your data on demand to our backup store.
  5. We make it easy to join or leave. You can take your backup with you to use with another provider or for self-hosting.
  6. We'll provide new versions of Foundry to choose as soon as they are available.
  7. We make it easy to upgrade (or downgrade) the version of Foundry that you are using.
  8. We encrypt all your traffic (and all your data in our database)

It's hard to say if that's worth $1.99/Month. For some people it will be. If you are one of those people come and give us a try.

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