Flexible Foundry Hosting

There's no getting away from it: hosting stateful applications is complicated.

Different Foundry hosting providers solve this problem in different ways. I don't think it's appropriate for me to comment on other approaches, so I won't, but I'll give you some insight into how we do things at Worldmill. I'll use a lot of analogies.

Physical (Home)

In your own home. You have a computer. You turn this on by pressing the power switch. When you aren't using it, you can turn it off or, more likely in this day and age, you wait for the power/sleep settings to put it into a sleep mode. You wake it up by moving the mouse or tapping keys on your keyboard.

When it's turned on, you run foundry. You can do most operations within Foundry itself, installing modules, creating worlds, etc... However, for advanced operations (like backups, restores, re-organising data) you might copy files around using your file manager.

You provide access to your foundry by configuring your network settings and making sure foundry is running. If it isn't running, you have to start it yourself.

If you want to backup or restore your foundry installation at any point, you can copy the appropriate directories using you file manager.

If you have more sophisticated network storage (s3), then you configure foundry in the configure page with the details (location, passwords) required to access the storage.

Worldmill (Cloud)

Most of the things you do at home have analogies in Worldmill. That's deliberate and by design. We believe that most people already know how to work with Foundry at home. They want to avoid complex network, storage, cloud, … configuration and make use of greater bandwidth.

We've done the best we can to make it simple to get started with Worldmill and to provide a flexible, capable platform for Foundry.

Physical Worldmill
Computer Cloud Compute
Turn This On Create a Mill
Sleep Mode Mill URL Not Accessed Recently
Wake it up Access Mill URL
Most Operations The same.
File Manager WebDAV Client (Cyberduck, WinSCP, etc...)
Provide Access Share Mill URL
Isn't Running Access Mill URL
S3 S3 Configuration in Mill Definition
Backup Copy Backup Button
Restore Copy Restore Button

Because the platform is so flexible, we support lots of different ways for Game Masters to work with the platform.

  • Want to work on your world locally and then upload changes when ready?
  • Prefer to work on your mill and synchronise changes back to your machine?
  • Want to work solely in your mill and use mill backup when changes made?
  • Only want to synchronise worlds between mill and home?
  • Want to synchronise modules and systems? (you may need to be patient)
  • Want to provide access to your S3 storage?

All of these are valid options and you should feel free to choose whichever options best suit your way of creating.

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